Privacy Policy

Our Policy

At cryptobase, We take your privacy seriously. In compliance with the privacy envisioned by the crypto ecosystem, We do not collect your private information except for your email address which we use for your identification and to help facilitate account recovery in cases of a lost password or account compromise. In other to improve your privacy, We recommend that you choose a username which has no bearing to your personal identification as we might display your username alongside some investment information publicly on our website without your consent. This scenario includes but is not limited to testimonies and transactions.

In any case, in which we might require additional information from you, We do so with full consent from you. In addition to the rules enlisted above, we also require that users who wish to contact us for either complaint or support leave for us addition contact information with which we could use to send information back accross to the user. We also send transactional emails when required to the email address provided by you. This sort of emails includes but not limited to confirmation of crucial actions on your account. This emails as regards to its crucial nature cannot be opted out from. If however, you desire that you be exempted from certain class of emails, You could make a request with our support center and we would see to it that you are served better. We ensure that the emails sent out to our clients would in no circumstances be considered as spammy. We also encourage you to reach out to us if you think otherwise. We are commited to serving you better.

Information Storage

All information collected from you either as part of your registration or other transactions on our platform is termed confidential and should not be shared with third parties. On out part, this information is sandboxed in our servers and is not shared with external bodies, exception of course to extreme cases where we would be required by international laws to do so either for conflict resolution or other trivial situations.