Ultimate Stakers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

We have restructured our investment plans to suit the needs of our investors and also to reach out to the larger society trying to benefit from the cryptocurrency ecosystem. To that end, you can invest any amount of your choice. However, we do impose a limit on the minimum deposit you can make.

Will I be charged on my withdrawals?

No. We do not charge our investors on their withdrawals. The network fee paid for transferring your funds to an external wallet is covered fully by the company as long as your withdrawal is within a specified range.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

We do not hold back your return. You can withdraw everything you have earned. However, we might require that your withdrawal be processed via a particular blockchain network if the price is too low or too high.

How can I withdraw my Referral bonus?

To withdraw your withdrawal bonus, you have to transfer the bonus into your spot wallet and proceed accordingly. To transfer, Go to Dashboard » Referrals. Click on Transfer, Enter the desired amount in the dialog and Proceed.

How long does my deposit take to be confirmed?

We have hired agents from around the world in order to give you a glueless service. These agents are active 24/7 to process your deposits and withdrawal requests at a speed close to that of light.

What do I do if my deposit is not confirmed within 24 hours?

If your deposit or Withdrawal request is not confirmed within a short time, It might be that the transaction is not correct or that the withdrawal amount exceeds the available withdrawable balance. The first thing is to check your notifications for further info and if it doesn't resolve your issue, Contact us. In any case, do not panick. We are here to help.